About .energy

about dot energy.ENERGY is the world’s first and only internet address specifically dedicated to the global energy market.

For companies operating in the energy industry, nothing makes more marketing sense than utilizing the new .ENERGY brand.

Energy Branding

Energy is a highly competitive industry that is ever-changing. Accumulating status inside & outside of your industry is a mix of building an energy brand and successfully marketing one’s products & services in close association with that brand. .ENERGY is the new destination that will distinguish cutting-edge energy companies in the next decade. Your .ENERGY internet address is not only a global calling card, it is a direct line of communication with your global audience.

Marketing 101: The Internet Is Not A Fad

Your internet address is not just a link to your company website. It is your company’s identity broadcast all over the world 24/7. One of the major failings of large corporations is their lack of an awe-inspiring internet address to bring consumers to their site. Elite domain names function to elevate a company’s credibility, and they garner the attention of everyone – including your future customers, future business partners, and even your competitors. An elite internet address decisively communicates that your company is an innovator and a leader in its space.

When Bank of America bought the Loans.com domain name for $3 million, there was a deliberate strategy being implemented. And it was to tell the world that they own the loans space. For $11 million, Hotels.com acquired the most compelling path possible to their doorstep via their strategic domain name choice.

The .ENERGY Future

The internet continues to evolve. It is a powerful medium, and is changing the way companies market themselves and reinforce their brand. Energy is also a sophisticated product/service that is now subject to marketplace competition like never before. The release of the .ENERGY internet address represents the single most important development, ever, in the marketing of global energy.

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