About Us

menius enterprises energy portfolioMenius Enterprises is the world’s largest portfolio holder of premium quality internet addresses in the .energy and .business top level domain space. We also own numerous top level domains in a number of other leading addresses. The company was founded in 1999 and engages in the acquisition, sale, and leasing of generic domain names, the development of content rich websites for specific audiences, and corporate brand enhancement via the use of elite internet addresses.

Max Menius is chief broker for all assets listed in the Menius Enterprises portfolio. Brands.energy and Brands.business are the primary portals for our .energy and .business collections.

Interested parties may contact us for the purpose of submitting offers and business proposals, or to discuss your company’s global marketing goals. Menius Enterprises can assist you in identifying which of our assets best fit your company’s branding, marketing, and business expansion objectives.

For qualifying companies, we have the ability to finance purchases made from our portfolio. Please write us to inquire about payment plans for single domain name purchases or strategic combinations of internet addresses that may better fit your company’s diverse business needs.

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