energy-domains.ENERGY is gaining traction and momentum around the world as a result of more companies adopting their elite .energy address. is a $22 billion market cap company based in Spain who specialize in oil, gas, and sustainable energy.

Repsol was previously located on .com, but have transitioned to the¬†.energy url while offering a gorgeous & informative website rich with media content and energy-industry news. Repsol’s videos highlight the essential role of energy, and they showcase¬†just how universally important energy has become in all elements of daily life.

In similar fashion to other leading world energy companies, Repsol is actively seeking to brand their energy services as a link between the past and the future, and a key to all of the great innovations that await humankind. This message is not overstated, and bears real contemplation since so many of us take constantly available energy as a given – when in fact it is not.

Repsol moving to strongly reinforces the inherent branding and messaging contained in a corporation’s choice of internet address. For up and coming energy companies, nothing surpasses the next generation of sophistication & relevance – the new .ENERGY brand.