Global Energy Poised for Renaissance

white-house-energyWith the election of President-elect Trump, the energy industry will finally come into full focus and will receive the type of widespread support that was absent during President Obama’s administration.

Global energy is about to turn a new corner with a forthcoming revolution almost imminent. Obama pledged to destroy the American coal industry in a move that was more politically driven than substantive. Coal has fueled America’s growth for over a century and provided energy security for hundreds of millions of families.

While there are exciting energy alternatives now being explored, the U.S. is better served by relying upon a market driven blend of reliable energy options than a political agenda which forces citizens into “government mandated” choices.

The new administration seems to understand that the evolution of energy will incorporate the old and the new, the cost efficient and the cutting edge. Global energy corporations and smaller industry-specific energy companies are aware of the shifting tide and the enormous opportunity that is opening in global energy supply. The new U.S. administration can achieve amazing results in job creation by simply modifying existing energy regulations. Energy is one of the most over-regulated industries in the United States with much of these excessive regulations unnecessary and purely political in origin.

Today, global energy has never been so relevant. Energy technology, energy marketing, and energy evolution are core concepts that sweep broadly across every country and every industry. Much remains to be seen in regard to how America will proceed with new energy initiatives. One thing is for sure. The new administration and scores of others understand that true energy independence is a potential reality that has never been closer than right now.