The State of American Energy

state of american energyJack Gerard of the American Petroleum Institute (API) provides an energy overview once each year. This State of American Energy address talks about the direction of energy at the government level and how private industry is evolving to meet the diverse energy needs of America and the world.

In the most recent address, Mr. Gerard talks about the shifting tide occurring in response to having an energy-friendly President who recognizes the enormous economic potential of working with energy providers instead of against them.

The energy industry is evolving globally as government and private corporations push into new areas of discovery and innovation. Renewable energy and energy storage are receiving enormous support and attention as are new & improved methods for extracting and utilizing fossil fuels. Energy has never been more important to individuals, businesses, and economies than it is today.

Ensuring that people all around the world have access to affordable energy is a goal shared by many. The horizon is bright with possibilities. The next 4 years will see many doors opened that were previously closed. In regard to American Energy, the U.S. is at the forefront of many new technological innovations across the entire energy spectrum. This diversity of energy sources will yield a range of consumer choices never before available.