The Dot Energy Story

dot energy story 2In 2014, a wide variety of new internet addresses began to be periodically released to the public. These new addresses offer an unprecedented opportunity for companies to acquire an elite, world class internet destination which directly corresponds with their industry.

.ENERGY was released in early 2015 and is quickly being adopted by numerous energy companies throughout the world including leading corporations such as DMG, and Champion (Calpine) Energy.

The global energy industry now has a dedicated internet address for high-level energy branding and marketing. Where .com fell short, .ENERGY will lead the way in providing a beautiful and meaningful path to each energy company’s front door. The right side of the dot has never been more important.

Whether it’s,, or the “new internet” is providing more meaningful internet addresses that better describe each company’s area of expertise. .ENERGY offers perfect marketing synergy for corporations who wish to better promote their global energy brand. The goal of differentiating oneself from the competition can be greatly facilitated by owning & utilizing the very best .energy address that aligns with one’s business.

Like and which became early global brands, .ENERGY is poised & ready to advance the global recognition of energy companies who become early adopters. Domains such as,, and will become iconic assets for a select class of companies. They can have no equal once adopted & implemented by innovative energy pioneers.

Our company, Menius Enterprises (operating at, manage the world’s largest portfolio of top tier .ENERGY addresses now available to the global energy community. When will your company embrace the .ENERGY movement? The .energy story has begun …

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