America’s New Energy Direction

energy initiaitivesInterested readers can find out more about President Trump’s new American energy plan by visiting here. For far too long, America’s energy policies have been excessively restrictive and have blocked the U.S. from successfully developing true energy independence.

President Trump’s administration is ready to take the country in a new and improved direction which will unleash American energy independence. This represents a dramatic departure from the Obama administration’s adamant condemnation of fossil fuels and deliberate destruction of the coal industry.

Trump intends to facilitate the development of clean coal technology and to promote the use of America’s massive shale oil and shale gas reserves. Numerous other energy initiatives are on the table that will fuel job creation, lower American energy costs, and generate additional revenue to fund the rebuilding of the U.S. infrastructure.

Energy has long been politicized and subjected to left wing policies which imposed stifling restrictions on fracking, domestic drilling, the building of refineries, the export of natural gas/lng, and the construction of critical pipelines which could safely and affordably transport energy across the United States.

Energy in America now has a chance to revitalize the U.S. economy. The Trump administration brings a new vision for the energy industry – one that is broad, inclusive, and centered on strengthening America. The energy industry will be front and center, and finally in the hands of those who who can maximize its potential.

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